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Integrated Information Management Digital Asset Management System Records Management System Workflow Management System Correspondence Management System Customer Complaint Management System Request Management System Jiffy Time Management System PC Power Management System OASIS for SHARP Archiving system for Foreign Exchange & Remittance Houses Mobile Time Management System Mobile Exchange Service


Integrated Information Management System for an Enterprise

Records, Digital Asset, Correspondence Management System,WorkFlow.

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Digital Asset Management System

eBizDAM is an integrated suite of infrastructure components used to upload, catalog, store, and manage digital assets.

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Records Management System

Scan, Index & Search.

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Workflow Management System

Easy, Flexible & Integrated workflow management System.

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Correspondence Management System

Register, Search & Track correspondence.

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Customer Complaint Management System

Comprehensive solution for managing complaint from customers and channel partners.

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Request Management System

Enables service representatives and request managers to initiate a complaint for a product or service coming from multiple sources like phone, fax, email, or the web.

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Web Based Time Attendance Management System
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Time and Attendance Management System

Lets you to track and monitor employee time and attendance.

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PC Power Management System

For organizations with large numbers of desktop computers, eBizPPMS provides actual data on performance and savings.

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For Sharp

An Integrated DMS solution for SHARP MFP's.

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Archiving system

for Foreign Exchange & Remittance Houses

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Mobile Time Management System

The perfect solution to track work crews on the move

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Mobile Exchange Services

Powerful mobile applications to boost your business.

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Records Management System, Digital Asset Management System, Correspondence Management System,WorkFlow.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

We provide powerful mobile applications to boost your business.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Smart Card Applications - Drivers License, National ID, Loyalty Cards etc.. JIFFY - Web Based workforce management solution.

Customised Software solutions

Other Solutions

Request Management System, Customer Complaints Management System.

Organizations in all lines of business are facing new, tough challenges that encumber their ability to succeed in their respective markets. How do you maintain marketplace competitiveness, improve your workplace productivity and reduce your operational costs? What can you do to enhance customer service levels so that you can retain and grow your valuable customer base? How do you keep up with the mounting sensitivities and new requirements that originate from compliance, corporate governance or risk management considerations?

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Large orgnization lose a document every 12seconds.67 persent of data loss is directly related to user blunders.Business workers typically misfile 2-7 persent of all records.

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