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The construction industry is not only about hanging drywall, laying concrete foundations, or building homes. Behind the actual labor components are volumes of paperwork: architectural drawings, permits, bids, invoices, change orders, emails and fax. Into this mix, add the time element - companies that have quick and accurate access to their documentation are first in bidding and cost control, which in this fast paced business makes all the difference in getting the contract.

    Construction Challenges
  • Improve communication between vendors, contractors, landlords and employees.
  • Reduce liability from errors in contracts, change orders and installation procedures.
  • Avoid delays in project start and completion dates.
  • Process invoices quickly and accurately.

    eBizArchive & eBizFlow for Construction
  • Works with SHARP MFPs
  • Turns both paper documents and electronic files into digitized content that can be searched and located efficiently.
  • Helps turn manual business processes into electronic document workflows.
  • Maintains accessible documentation for all project-related bids, proposals, and project status information.
  • Automates invoice processing with eBizForms recognition.
  • Reduces costs from overnight mail and couriers.
  • Minimizes physical storage needs for documents.

Technology Features
  • Scan, index, and save documents using SHARP digital copiers with oasis plug in.
  • Scan, preview, index, and save project-related documents to variety of destinations by SHARP OSA enabled MFP's or other TWAIN scanners.
  • Route electronic documents directly from your PC desktop to eBizFlow workflows.
  • Scan once and deliver to multiple destinations.
  • Extract data from invoices, permits and other forms using eBizForms- and export the data to back-end business applications.
  • Reads barcodes that are embedded in project-related documents, and use that information to route documents to recipients or document management systems.