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Correspondence Management System


eBizCOM - Correspondence Management System enables companies and organizations to make an easy accessible repository of correspondence and documentations, which would be easily and effectively managed. An important characteristic of eBizCOM's functionality is that it keeps and makes easily retrievable, any incoming or outgoing document fed into the System. Also, the documents within the eBizCOM system are accessible world-wide - over the Internet - if necessary. It is important to stress that a document once entered into eBizCOM can not be deleted. It may be put aside from the rest of the documents, but if necessary it may be found. That means that every document is accessible and saved with adequate trace of actions that have been undertaken on the document.

Registering a correspondence in an organisation could be either a centralised or a de centralised process depending up on organisations policies defined by their management. eBizCOM supports both way of working as it is a truly web based system. On the Entry we have two types of documents: incoming documents and outgoing documents. The process of entering both sorts of the documents is nearly identical. The main difference is that due to sorting and document cross-linking both types of documents have differently defined Reference number.

eBizCOM is a program which is accessed via users web-browsers (Internet Explorer) so by its appearance it is very much alike a web site. Core of the eBizCOM system and all the entered documents are located on a remote server.