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From primary school to graduate school - our education system relies on student, financial, administrative and accountability documentation. Teachers, especially, suffer from administrative overload, causing them to spend less time educating and more time processing paperwork. Administrators at the college and university levels are inundated with the paperwork necessary to expedite admissions and financial forms, comply with government reporting requirements, and improve student services.

    Education Challenges
  • Improve communication between departments, teachers, students and parents.
  • Reduce storage space for student records.
  • Control costs and eliminate redundancies.
  • Quickly process grant and loan applications.
  • Manage compliance reporting.

    eBizArchive & eBizFlow for Education
  • Works with SHARP MFPs.
  • Turns both paper documents and electronic files into digitized documents.
  • Helps turn manual business processes into electronic document workflows.
  • Comply with Department of Education and regulations.
  • Share information across multiple departments, buildings, campuses, and institutions.
  • Electronic "file cabinet" reduces paper storage.

Technology Features
  • Scan, preview, index, and route student records and other documents to a variety of eBizArchive document repositories using SHARP MFP's
  • Scan and route documents using SHARP digital copiers.
  • In addition to paper document, save electronic records directly from a PC desktop into document repositories.
  • Scan and save documents in text searchable PDF.