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Forms Management

eBizForms Management


Extracting data from an application form using manual data entry process is an OLD style of working resulting to loss of productivity, data miss match increase in cost to organization.

Forms are needed to define work requests and to attach authorizations to work, so that charge-back and responsibility can be identified.

eBizForms helps organizations to extract data from an application form & make the raw data available for post processing.

Forms Management

Some of the most common post processing application requirements are: Workflow initiation, deliver data to an archiving system (eBizArchive) and or make the data available for any 3rd Party application to perform tasks such as: printing of hall ticket, generation of an ID card, data delivery into an ERP application, HRMS system, Student management system etc...

eBizForms manager along with eBizFlow helps in completion, validation & routing of an application within the organization based on rules set inside the eBizFlow designer. By this an organization will have a method for monitoring and tracking the status of Work Requests easily.

Similarly the data is also available for searching from an "eBizArchive" records management system while making raw data available for post processing.