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Document Management


Document Management

No one understands being overwhelmed by paperwork more than local, state and Federal government employees. With most government agencies moving towards implementing strategies for electronic maintenance and submission of information, the pressure is on to corral paper documentation into more manageable electronic formats, and to develop workflows to process and distribute that information.

    Government Challenges
  • Conform to local government policies & procedures for records submission & storage Reduce costs from filing and document storage.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Streamline inter-agency communications.
  • Control access and distribution of sensitive records.

    eBizArchive & eBizFlow Product Suite for Government
  • Works with all digital copiers, scanners and MFPs. Turns both paper documents and electronic files into digitized documents.
  • Provides faster responses to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  • Uses existing scanners and digital copiers to perform advanced document processing.
  • Maintains deteriorating paper documents in digital format.
  • Allows for immediate response to legislative mandates by retrieving documents buried among hundreds others.
  • Facilitates disaster recovery in case of natural disasters.
  • Streamlines security and access control to information across departments and agencies.

Technology Features
  • Scan, index and save documents by using digital copiers manufactured by SHARP.
  • Scan, preview, index, and save documents to variety of departmental indexes using oasis for SHARP MFP's or other TWAIN scanners.
  • Scan documents once and route to multiple destinations.
  • Scan and route documents directly to oasis document management system.
  • Import documents directly from your PC desktop to oasis document repositories.
  • Read barcodes embedded in the document and use them as index data for storing documents. - Feature.
  • Index documents at scan time to improve the accuracy and speed of search and retrieval.
  • Stamp your documents with date and time stamps.
  • Connect SHARP multi-functional products from remote offices over one network.