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Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources

It takes a lot of paperwork to onboard a new hire - from internal requirements to government regulations. Add to that the daily influx of reports, notifications, and forms, and it's easy to see how HR departments can become overwhelmed while often remaining understaffed. That's where BridgeSol's eBizArchive & eBizFlow comes in. With archiving & workflow solutions, HR departments can capture paper or electronic records as they enter the department, and then automatically process, distribute and archive them so that staff can easily and quickly locate the information they need.

    Human Resource Challenges
  • Candidate management - Applications, cover letters, resumes, reference letters, contracts.
  • On boarding documentation - I-9, State and Federal tax forms, EIN.
  • Benefits - Medical, 401-K, unemployment, training, tuition reimbursement, pension, maternity leave.
  • Approvals - Travel expenses, leave requests, time sheets, reviews, overtime, comp time.
  • Compliance forms - OSHA, FMLA, ADA, HIPAA, EEOC, Sarbanes-Oxley.

    eBizArchive & eBizFlow for Human Resources
  • Automates routine tasks allowing HR staff to focus more on talent management.
  • Reduces physical storage space by scanning and digitizing applications, tax forms, benefit information, contracts, and archiving them to a central repository.
  • Expedites approval processes for hiring, leave, overtime, and promotions by scanning documents once and sending them to multiple destinations.
  • Creates better internal customer service and employee satisfaction by making it easier to access employee records.
  • Safeguards disciplinary, promotion, clearance and other vital records by creating a digital back-up of records.
  • Reduces office supplies, fax, courier, and storage costs.

Technology Features
  • Perform recognition and image enhancement for hard to read forms and applications using eBizForms.
  • Works with SHARP MFP's using oasis plug in.
  • Processes content for easy retrieval in text-searchable formats.
  • Reads barcodes embedded in documents and uses that information to route documents to recipients or processes.
  • Automatically sends notifications to internal or external email recipients.