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Logistics and Transportation Solutions

Logistics & Transportation

Logistics and Transportation Solutions

The transportation industry is a document-intensive industry from shipping forms, packing lists, and bills of lading to contracts, insurance, and employee records. Manually processing these documents is a costly and time-consuming process. On top of that, fluctuating fuel prices, government regulations, and consumer demand add to the overall cost of doing business. To offset those challenges, companies are looking inwardly to see how they can improve their operation strategies and reduce the amount of paperwork - while increasing efficient shipping and timely delivery of their products.

    Logistics & Transportation Challenges
  • Reduce processing time of paperwork.
  • Develop electronic file management system for customer and employee records.
  • Create faster turnaround of invoices and payments.
  • Improve timeliness of mandatory reports.
  • Expedite electronic delivery of documentation to remote locations.

    eBiziiMS for Logistics & Transportation
  • Works with SHARP MFPs using oasis plug in.
  • Turns both paper documents and electronic files into digitized documents.
  • Helps turn manual business processes into electronic document workflows.
  • Using eBizForms automatic forms recognition, route information quickly and accurately.
  • Improves image quality of forms to increase data accuracy.
  • Creates electronic file management system with secure access to digitized documents.
  • Facilitates compliance by quickly routing information to authorized recipients.

Technology Features
  • Scan, preview, index, and route documents to variety of destinations using SHARP MFP's.
  • Scan, index, and archive without need for any additional document archiving system Convert scanned documents to text-searchable PDF.
  • Route documents to eBizFlow document management systems.
  • Read barcodes and use as index data for routing and storage of documents.
  • Route documents directly from your PC desktop.
  • Directly connect to your leading logistics systems using scripts or XML