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An enterprise DMS application with embedded architecture now with MFP

In this demanding, ever more competitive world, having fast, easy access to critical business systems is more important than ever.

OASIS is an enterprise archiving solution now available on MFP OSA enabled MFP's.

OASIS is one of the first of its kind in the region with every advanced functionality that an enterprise requires to Archive paper records in an effortless manner by making optimum utilization of a MULTIFUNCTIONAL Product in its true sense.

  • Archive records from the MFP panel without having to go back to a PC & index.
  • Access archived records from any PC over a LAN / WAN using a standard Internet Explorer.
  • Unlimited user accounts / access to the Archive system.
  • Zero restrictions to number of Document Types / Index Fields
  • Assist list with dropdown menu
  • Supports touch scanning direct to any permissible index.
  • Administrator Login Access for Security Tasks.
  • Email, Print, and Fax Archived Documents.
  • Markup and annotation, Image editing, Version control, Document Append, Barcode recognition available from standard PULL SCAN using oasis Scan client application from a Read/Write user PC.
  • Access oasis from any number of MFP's
  • Supports Archiving of documents in both Color & Mono, Simplex & Duplex...
  • Take full advantage of your investment in a MFP digital copier by implementing the OASIS solution.