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PC Power Management System


Many computer users do not shut down their computers because they think it is insignificant or are impatient for the startup process to do its job the next time around.

Although many employees are given laptops, still there are a lot of them using PCs. Most employees won't turn off their PCs when Leaving their offices instead simply switch off their monitors A PC consuming @ 200 watts power is left switched ON over night (for over 12 hours during a day) leading to unproductive expense! Energy conservation with minimal user intervention.

As with any other electronic device, the simplest and quickest way to reduce energy consumption is to turn off equipment that isn't in use. For organizations with large numbers of desktop computers, eBizPPMS provides actual data on performance and savings.

The tool can automatically 'Shut Down' all the switched ON computers in a network (preconfigured) of course during non-working hours which are certainly configurable centrally with no user intervention!

PC power management Architecture | Bridgesol

Corporate can not only save on electricity (to computers), but also contribute to saving Energy, and thereby avoiding pollution. While coming to the system wakeup, all the PCs will now have the inbuilt feature called Wake-ON-LAN such that by sending a magic packet for a specified number of times to the network card, it can wakeup the machine which was either hibernated or turned off.