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Records Management System to Capture and Store Records

Record Management System


Most business realize the need to protect their records after disaster strikes!

Are you one of them?

eBizArchive Offers you the capability to capture, store, retrieve, display, process and manage your business information.

How does eBizArchive Work?

Records Management System to Capture and Store Records

First capture the information, as you feed pages into a scanner they are converted to electronic images. Second start managing information, within eBizArchive by using index keys that enable you to access information easily and when needed. Finally retrieve the archived information over a LAN/WAN using parametric search Full-text search and combined parametric and full-search.


Standard Features:
  • Unlimited User Access "Browser Search"
  • Annotations.
  • Revision Control.
  • Check in Check-out.
  • Basic Image editing roles.
  • Barcode recognition.
  • Fax Archiving with fax folder capable fax machines
Optional Features:
  • OCR (English).
  • Advanced Image Editing tools.
  • Zonal -Capture.
  • Operating System -Support:
  • System: WIN XP Pro/200X/NT.
  • Database: Microsoft SQL server and Oracle.
  • Languages: English & Arabic.


  • eBizArchive: does not need any third party applications.
  • eBizArchive: is developed to evolve and grow with your systems needs over time.
  • eBizArchive: is fully integrated into RDBMS such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server.
  • eBizArchive: is flexible, connectable, simple to use, expandable, reliable, secure, and allows users to operate together.
  • eBizArchive: users XML standards making it extremely powerful and a great choice for enterprise level implementation.

Who Needs eBizArchive

eBizArchive: is a perfect fit for companies from all verticals:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Banks
  • Car Rentals
  • Construction
  • Consultants
  • Financial Institutes
  • Real estate offices
  • Legal firms
  • Government officers
  • Logistics
  • Courier
  • Supply Chain management
  • Sales & services offices
  • Aerospace

Where there is paper that needs to be read, filed, and available for later reference-eBizArchive is needed.