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Request Management System | Complaint Management System

Request Management System


eBizRMS enables service representatives and request managers to initiate a complaint for a product or service coming from multiple sources like phone, fax, email, or the web.

All crucial details and parameters about the product/ service as well as the incident are captured. The system guides the user by dynamically enabling, disabling, mandating, or defaulting fields based on data being entered.

Drop-down menus, logical validations, and auto-fill capabilities boost efficiency and ensure accuracy of information.

Depending on the request parameter, the case is automatically routed for investigation, response, and reporting.

Notifications are sent to relevant departments and personnel and escalation mechanism is triggered based on severity and priority.

The real-time visibility provided by this software enables organizations to track each request through its lifecycle from recording and initiation to investigation, reporting, and closure - following the appropriate process to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

The powerful analytics and reporting capability of eBizRMS with graphical dashboards helps managers to perform trend analysis and spot recurring problems to drive root cause analysis in a timely manner.