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Time and Attendance Management System

Time and Attendance Management System

eBizTMS Time and Attendance management system software lets you to track and monitor employee time and attendance.

It allows you to monitor employee attendance, fully automating all the data collection, calculation, auditing and reporting - eliminating the stress associated with processing and reporting.

Our software also allows managing overtime details, identifying opportunities to increase employee utilization so that employee absenteeism can be reduced.


  • Multi Location, Multi Department & Multi projects with independent start & end times.
  • Grace time rules for both In & Out punches separately
  • Attendance computation on the basis of Auto IN / OUT or First In / Last Out basis
  • Shift Management along with Day Change option
  • Roaster Management, Overtime management, Holiday Management
  • Job / Event based calculation of attendance
  • Leave Posting, Ambiguity regularization
  • Generate payroll for manpower supplier staff either using hourly or daily wage rates.
  • Seamless Payroll integration- direct export to any ODBC complaint system
  • Tightly integrates with the hardware platform for maximum compatibility.


  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions
  • Reduce the time required to schedule employees
  • Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filling and storage
  • Significantly cut down on payroll processing time
  • Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick or compensation time accruals
  • Identify and eliminate time abuses (break, meal, buddy punching, etc.)
  • Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Be more productive, efficient and profitable


  • Complete employee Attendance management

    Setup, track, and maintain various custom classifications of Time(illness, vacation, personal, etc). Evaluation attendance trends and more.

  • Database Backup and restore

    You can take the backup of database and restore when ever required.

  • Employee Login and leave Request

    eBizTMS popular Leave Request Tool gives employees' an electronic method to request vacation, personal and leave time and then submit the request to their department head. If approved, the request becomes scheduled leave.

  • Emailable Reports

    eBizTMS can email reports to both employees and supervisors informing them of absence summaries, leftover leaves and much more.

  • Available in SQL

    Gain the speed, manageability and reliability of Microsoft's SQL server.

  • Shift Adjustments

    You can setup for multiple shifts per day for each department. You can assign any employee to any shift.

  • User Management

    System administrator can define the access rights on eBizTMS. The administrator only can decide which user can access what interface by assigning them in the privilege master.

  • System Security

    Limit Access to Authorized personnel, Customize your access levels, Create user Accounts Design special access for administrators, Supervisors and Managers.

  • Supplier Manpower

    Compare actual versus plan with supplier module Generate payroll for manpower supplier staff using either hourly or daily wage rates.

  • Seamless integration

    Direct export to any ODBC complaint system Tightly integrates with most commonly available hardware devices.

eBizTMS-Time and Attendance Management System provides a proven, easy-to-use, and affordable solution that transitions you out of the world of paper timesheets and manual process and into a world of efficient, accurate, and manageable time and attendance. Our services help you shift to a new and better way of managing your Time & Labor information.