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Workflow Management System

Workflow Management System


eBizflow is an integrated suite of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution built upon on a central content repository. Our solution finds its position in customers from small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises and to Government organizations.

Workflow Management System

eBizflow unlocks the information contained in the various sources of enterprise content that are consumed and generated by your everyday business activities: paper and electronic documents, statements and reports, application files, and e-mail correspondence. It enables businesses to organize and provide access to that information so it can be automatically routed across business processes retrieved online and through enterprise applications and then delivered to frontline decision-makers anywhere in your organization the moment they need it most.

Using eBizFlow is a clear way to automate document intensive tasks, increase profits and simplify compliance by eliminating paper from business processes. Bridgesol's eBizFlow Workflow Management System allows enterprises to automate any process that involves routing electronic forms and documents. These include, but are not limited to order processing, purchase orders, expense reports, internal surveys, time sheets, capital appropriation requests, salary/wage increases, vacation requests & approvals, performance reviews, leads management/tracking and much more.

How Does eBizFlow Work?

First eBizFlow Workflow provides organization across verticals with easy, flexible and integrated workflow solutions that help manage individual work tasks within familiar Microsoft programs. Second eBizFlow easily integrates with eBizArchive Document Management System to provide complete Business Information Delivery and document automation solutions.

Standard Features:

  • Powerful Workflow Engine: It is scalable, robust and support parallel and serial queues, conditional routing and more. It also supports user, group and role-based participants, deadlines, escalations and alerts.
  • Workflow Designer: User- friendly, graphical modeling environment allow even the most complex process to be modeled with minimal programming skills.
  • Electronic Forms Designer: Design powerful Web-based user interfaces for workflow applications using a WYSIWYG interface. Create unique, customized forms using simple graphic controls and formatting objects.
  • Seamless Database Links: Integrate with database and applications using XML interchange and ODBC connectivity. Monitor: The status of any workflow process can be monitored from the browser with different users having different views of the processes based on their access levels.
  • Reports: Generate custom Web-based reports to measure and improve business processes by monitoring activities and obtaining real-time graphical insights into the health and status of ongoing business process and activities.
  • Organization Charts: Graphical organization charts make workflow aware of reporting relationship.
  • Browser Clients: An easy-to-use Task List is available to every user through the web browser. Users can monitor, view and participate in the workflow from the browser
  • Document Attachments: Easily attach documents, files or images for internal or internet routing with the workflow.
  • Web Access:

    N-tier application.
    Secure VPN and SSL connectivity.
    Internet explorer 6.x and Mozilla Firefox support.

  • Web Server Deployment:

    Intranets and Extranets.
    Requires Microsoft IIS 5.0/ 6.0 on Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003.or XP pro.

  • Security:

    Widows NT User/Group style security model.
    LDAP support.

Who Needs eBizFlow?

  • if..... You have a process such as procurement or claims processing that is bogged down by paper.
  • Your claims or business-critical documents are pilling up quicker than they can be processed.
  • Your cash flow is negatively impacted by slow paper-handling.
  • You cannot produce records quickly enough when called upon for audits or litigation support.

Benefits To The Business

  • Business process transparency.
  • Business agility.
  • Greater Productivity.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Consultants
  • Tighter control and compliance.
  • Improved customer service.

Benefits To IT

  • Realize investment in IT.
  • Connect disparate system.
  • More responsive to business-new applications, faster, cheaper and more flexible.
  • Take advantage of service-oriented and event-driven infrastructure.

Operating System Support

BridgeSol's eBizflow architecture is built around the Microsoft Windows operating system, creating cost-effective models for deploying and developing scalable BPM infrastructure.