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 Integrated Information management System

Integrated Information Management


eBiziiMS is an integrated information management system which has FOUR modules tightly integrated amongst one another so that an eBiziiMS user can easily maneuver between information's stored in different parts of the application.

eBiziiMS provides a platform to move towards a less paper environment in a phased, gradual manner.

eBiziiMS features full multi-user support. This means multiple users can simultaneously work with the same database. eBiziiMS also features a comprehensive multi-level security framework which lets you control access on a user to user basis. You can control access at the system, database, field, record and document levels

Enterprise Content Management, Records Management System, Workflow Management System, Correspondence Management System, Digital Asset Management System

Security and permissions

Integrated Information Management

Select what folders individuals and user groups can access. Designate access permissions, including reviewing, viewing, and Flow.

Familiar file and folder structure

Integrated Information Management

Upload, organize & share files and folders for all your content. Familiar file and folder structure.

Password Management

Integrated Information Management

Password-protect files and folders and set expiration dates for shared file and folder access.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Archiving system

eBiziiMS Archiving system for Foreign Exchange & Remittance Houses

Our product suite will help your firm stay on top with comprehensive solutions for all of your paper and electronic document capture and management needs.



Save your patient files online in no time at all. Scan all of your existing files and create a work-flow process for current work.


eBiz forms


eBizForms helps organizations to extract data from an application form & make the raw data available for post processing.

Oasis Sharp


OASIS is an enterprise archiving solution now available on MFP.