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Have full control over your
printer/copy fleet.
Sharing existing information within
the Organisation in the most timely manner..
Not when it Arrives But when it is needed
Card Readers
Card readers designed to leverage
existing card system for applications
beyond physical security.
A web-based Time Attendance software that lets you track employee attendance with workflow.
Fleet management solution for multi-brand office printing devices.
Secure and Simple to use
cloud storage.

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Have full control
over your printer/copy fleet.

Get on with business and let us worry about printing, copying, scanning and faxing. With features such as Find-Me Printing, Mobility Print, and Secure Print you can now print anywhere and anytime without compromising your security.
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Reduce the complexity of managing documents within your organization.

Enable a better intelligence to record documents and support business decisions while reducing the cost of document storage and retrieval. With features such as Record management, Workflow management, Correspondence Management empower your organization to work as single unit with unified objectives.
Card readers designed to leverage existing card system for applications beyond physical security.​

Error-free identification for over 400 million physical access cards worldwide. With features like no required software, embedded flash memory and plug-play functionality the card reader is ready to be used in almost all applications and operating systems.

Time Attendance and Access control

Time attendance & Door access controller with combination of ACTAtek Biometric systems & eBizTMS Web based Software.

By combining biometric fingerprint, RFID smartcard, PIN and a CMOS/Video camera an organisation will be able to select multiple ways for its employees to authenticate Access Control and Time Attendance.


The best fleet management solution for all your multi-brand office printing devices. Whatever be the number of devices or clients KPAX has got you covered- Its unique interface allows you to access and manage your fleet data immediately and effectively.

Secure and Simple to use cloud storage.

With Client-side TLS/SSL encryption applied- when information is transferred from your device to the pCloud servers be assured that your data is encrypted safely and no-one except you will, have the keys for file decryption.


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